Runescape Road Trip


Jagex die hards will understand when I say, if you haven’t kept up with the Runescape Road Trip mod stamping sessions, you are really missing out on something. This event goes through the end of May so, there are two weeks left to get in on it.

There are prizes for each level you get through on this event. Each time you stamp one or two, you are not only closer to a pet monkey and full outfit, you gain experience lamps with every stamp. You can complete one stamp yourself each day, as well as gain mod assistance with another. For example, you can go bury 100 bones in the Salve Temple Cemetery, as well as having a mod assist you with spending 10 minutes out in the wild.

You will see that there are at least 20 challenges to complete, and if you get two stamped each day you can finish it in 10 days (before it ends). Although it gets crazy with all the users logging in to reach Lumbridge crater before the mods leave, there are generally two worlds open with each session. Jagex has an official post that is updated each day with times and worlds (just be aware the times are in British Standard TIme).

I have already witnessed a few users running around with the pet monkey, so it is completely possible to receive the final event prizes. Besides a fancy frock and interesting follower, the experience lamps you gain can improve skills that receive less attention, such as prayer or dungeoneering.

Anyone with questions can find support in the Jagex forums, by reading up on Runescape Wikia, or posting a comment below. Keep on top of the official thread to ensure you’re part of each mod stamping event before you miss out on these great prizes!