Playing Through Soul Fjord


Not too long ago, the OUYA Kickstarter had been opened to the public and every indie developer was beside themselves with excitement. This system allows you to play the way you want, hack and build, share and start the revolution. One game I was particularly excited about was an OUYA exclusive, Soul Fjord. And, now that I have bought the system from Target, it’s time to delve into my Magnus experience.

Stay on beat, seriously. It’s an unusual way to play, but you need to listen to the soundtrack as you’re fighting or blocking to complete the actions and reach desired combos. I found it a little annoying at first (mostly because my accuracy was only 56%), but once I realized I needed to subconsciously stay with the music, the game play improved.

This is a free download that features in game “platinum hits” to access extras, such as equipment or consumables. Personally, this doesn’t bother me. There are a lot of mobile games I played because they were freebies, and if I felt like making an additional purchase I could at my own discretion. However, they do give you 10 “platinum hits” to get you started, which allows you to open three chests at 3 hits apiece. I also noticed after a few levels I had gained 7 more hits, so you do gain more hits slowly.

One problem I ran into, which is a little embarrassing to admit, was accessing Magnus’ inventory. After a quick look at the control setup I realized it’s just up on the d-pad. After I had purchased a helm and cool hammerhead shark hammer, I really wanted to equip them and get rolling. One thing I really liked was the ability to sell my unused equipment to the man in the over-sized fur coat (yes, he has pants under there). Simply walk up to the character and press the A button.

If there is one free game you decide to try on your OUYA, definitely consider this out-of-the-ordinary pick. Not only is it something that hasn’t been done before, it is one that will have you head bobbing to the beat from boss to boss. Get ready to ragna-rock!


Call of Duty Black Ops II


For years I have been a big fan of the Call of Duty franchise, played solely on the XBOX 360. Although I have taken a few attempts at the WII U version and I wasn’t all that impressed. However, I have finally moved on to Call of Duty Black Ops II as of Tuesday.

Let me just point out, over the past few years, Call of Duty has kind of been a major disappointment. MW3 had decent Live action, but nothing in comparison to MW2. My favorites have always been produced by Treyarch, even though admittedly, I did not like the downward spiral the original Black Ops Live fell into after the release of MW3, I own all of their installments.

Now, for those who remain strictly loyal to the Infinity Ward line, you go ahead and enjoy that quick-scoping cheated Live experience while I move along to something that’s actually fun (I know Treyarch has the same issues). My husband and I were on the brink of destruction and made a last minute drive to Walmart to purchase Black Ops II. We had held out as long as we could, and the stress level in my house had risen to a max. I mean really, how much enjoyment do you get out of quick-scoping? Anyone can watch the kill cams, we know that’s what you’re doing. Continue producing those “Blame it on the Lag” graphics too, because you are all just so awesome.

Black Ops II wasn’t something we jumped right into because I wasn’t completely excited about the whole futuristic idea. I loved Treyarch COD simply because they recreated historic battles, perhaps from different perspectives, which is something I feel hasn’t been done right since. Where is my civil war Call of Duty? Because the History Channel’s attempt wasn’t a big success.

Overall, the Live experience is a great jump from MW3, after a little adjustment period. I don’t know exactly what it is, but playing a few matches of domination can really bring the worst out of you, and then all of a sudden you’ve got it. Bam! The quick-scopers are sticking with the previous COD installment, for the most part, plus it’s a fun environment to work of some stress from the day.