In a Nutshell


In a Nutshell

But it has holes in it!


When Grandma’s Set Free

See Your Grandma Knitting

So you have just driven hundreds, if not thousands, of miles over rivers and through the woods (literally) to Grandma’s house. You pull up her driveway, walk straight through the door and find her setting happily with her knitting needles or crochet project in her hands. She will joyfully, and unstably, set them down and come hug you and maybe even squeeze your cheeks. What would we do without our Grandma’s, their great afghan blankets and colorful pot holders?!

But sometimes, Grandmas go crazy! Like the ones we see driving down the road holding their head over the steering wheel because they can’t see more than five feet ahead. Or when they cut in line because, lets face it, they are old and they deserve your respect without question. Occasionally you see one or two pulling into a parking space made for a boat, driving their classic Cadillac and ancient Cutlass. But most of the time they are working on the next best quilt to be seen and used by man, or at the store buying more embroidery thread even though they’ve already filled their designated closet with such necessities.

Grandma must be getting bored lately though, because high profile designers have come out with the craziest items and accessories to have ever walked the fashion earth. Perhaps they got extremely creative and hired an entire nursing home, I mean, they still have a few good workable years left – who needs to rest. But there is something important you should ask yourself.

Do you know where your Grandma is?

Grandma’s recycled shawl
Dolce and Gabbana Knitted Handbag

Crazy quilt, crochet knit couch.

Everyone needs a sweater!
Your Couch's Sweater

Crochet for the Blind
Blind Crochet Project

Because You Left Her Home Alone
Knitted High Heal Socks

How can we get this pandemic under control, and refuse to let it happen again? Make sure you keep tabs on your family, especially your elders. Accompany them to the DMV to take their eye exam, walk them across the street and make them ride with you. Don’t let them talk to strangers and most of all, keep their crocheting talent a secret from Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and the like.

Grandma doesn’t need a Facebook to post her blankets on.