Griffin iPhone 4/4s Case Review


Although I realize the latest greatest thing is to own an iPhone 5S, or 5C, I have just come into possession of a new white Verizon iPhone 4S (and I’m plenty happy with it). One of the first things I do upon getting a new device is to slip it into a new protective case (with screen option). Some may call this an unnecessary measure, but we’ll see who has a better resale or trade in value when all is said and done.

I have realized that finding a case for the previous model is extremely difficult (although we do know iPhone had to cancel the 5 due to infringement issues). Anyway, because I was in a pinch, I decided to go with a Survivor case in gray/yellow by Griffin Technology. I believe I picked it up at Walmart for $39 right in the Christmas rush.

Survivor Case for iPhone 4/4s by Griffin Technology

Let me just say, at the time I had an 8 month old daughter who loves phones, I needed something that could handle being thrown on the floor purposefully. This case does that flawlessly and protects my phone. It remains scratch, bump and bruise free. The case itself clicks apart into three pieces (or four if you count the detachable camera cover). But I should say it is not waterproof, just semi moisture proof. When I’m running through the store on grocery day and my daughter is chewing on it, slobber easily gets under the screen protector.

But we carry these devices for phone calls, right? At least, I do. One issue I have with this case is I regularly receive complaints, from those on the other end of the phone, that they cannot hear me or I sound muffled. It isn’t my phone service itself, because if I take the phone out of the case I don’t have any problems. So on a side note, it can be super hard to pull apart the pieces while you’re on an important phone call.

Compared to the Otterbox Defender (I don’t have one, but my husband does) the Griffin Survivor case is easier to grip and the buttons are easier to access and press. The Defender comes apart by unlocking two hinges while the Survivor requires more effort and time to pull apart three pieces. The Survivor doesn’t dent my laminate flooring. The Defender doesn’t muffle calls when you open up the waterproof speaker tab, but the Survivor isn’t waterproof.

I try to be a realistic individual, so on a range of one to five stars I’d give the Griffin four (while the Otterbox would receive four and a half). Yes, it may muffle some calls, but it hasn’t slipped out of my hand while in use, and it takes the abuse of a soon to be famous pitcher of a baby.


So You’re Excited About the Smaller iPad


Congratulations, you are yet another sucker to buy into Apple’s ploy. Instead of developing gadgets that could actually change society, or make an impact for how businesses are run, Apple decides to introduce mini iPads. Way to go, the rest of us are sitting back applauding your efforts.

Too often people who morph into “techies” or “geeks” don’t actually understand what it’s all about. Just because you’re loyal to Apple, doesn’t mean you know duff about the piece of technology you’re using. See, it isn’t always about the latest, greatest piece from a company such as Apple. It’s about finding something that may last you more than a year because it’s versatile, and because you’re brainy enough to hack it when you’d like an upgrade.

What’s so great about a smaller iPad? Don’t you guys already have iPhones? It’s hard to understand why someone would go to great lengths to spend extra money in order to purchase less (gadgets continue to get smaller), even though they already have a perfectly good iPad at home, used as an unusual paperweight.

Amazon just introduced a new Kindle Fire for $199. And they would, right after I summon up the courage to try the first generation Fire. The new one is faster, has more speakers, and blah blah blah, but I just bought one… so why would I spend MORE money to upgrade?

You may be wondering what the moral of my rant is here… I would just like to point out that society, and Apple cult followers everywhere, are selfish. Why are you so centered on yourself that you would prefer to waste money on something a tiny bit better, than saving it to pay off your Apple credit card?

Leave me your thoughts!