It is all about the experience, and it all begins with one click. If you can find out how to connect the two, you may have something. Because computer enthusiasts and web designers would agree, JavaScript is much like a woman… it gets really complicated, and has many periods.

There are too many words to describe myself, so I narrowed it down to three. Designer, author and photographer. My love for art, color, style and fashion lives vicariously through my blogs and Pinterest boards. Most recently I have worked as a web designer for a hardwood flooring distributor – exposing myself to the interior decorating experience.

Someday I hope to finish my Glimmer book, with a little inspiration and perhaps a few more times registering with the November Writers Association and I’ll have it written. My blog is a composition of my thoughts, dreams and sounds during my journey of Glimmer from beginning to end. Hold on dear readers, I will finish my book.


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