Fallout 4: Hidden Power Suit


Many dedicated Fallout players have nabbed themselves a copy of the latest addition to the Bethesda franchise. Whether you missed out on Target’s exclusive Nuka Cola Quantum is another story, but today I am here to let you in on a little extra treasure to bring home to your base.

I keep my first power suit in the Sanctuary neighborhood along with the refugees I brought back from the bandit covered city. But my second power suit is stored at the Rocket gas station in a second story I built myself. There’s something oddly satisfying about owning multiple sets, and keeping them safe in various properties.


But back to our main objective, here. The second suit I found comes with full power, but is missing a mask and leg or arm. These pieces are easily replaced when you kill a bandit, and are only allowed to pick up the leftovers. That’s when I went back and put it back together. So, prepare yourself by at least obtaining the Aquaboy perk and let’s head toward Wildwood Cemetery. First, a word the wise: save on power and simply quick travel to your final suit’s destination.

Head to Covenant Lake south of the old person’s home, and Wildwood Cemetery. You’ll see a sunken fighter jet, and need to dive in to the deepest side of the jet. And that’s where you’ll see it standing in all it’s glory. The moral of the story here is to always search around the downed Vertibirds and you might just get lucky.




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