Adobe CS2 Giveaway & Mac Installation


To most of you this may come as old news, but to those of us who have quite busy schedules, it’s awesome to hear of Adobe giving away their CS2 suite. Their giveaway includes a Windows and Macintosh version of a packaged suite or individual programs, which you can download by visiting this page after signing into your ID.

Users working on a Macintosh platform running Mountain Lion or later should take note that CS2 will not run due to a conflict of PowerPC no longer being supported. Although I’m not much of an Apple expert as of yet, I’ve begun working with the operating system on a mid-2011 iMac. Instead, you can take advantage of the Windows version with some bugs – all of which haven’t exactly been recognized yet.

For those who cannot afford to purchase the most recent Adobe CC Suite, you might be interested in the free Adobe CS2. If you are a Mac user wanting to take advantage of this download, make sure you have CrossOver, too (you may download a trial). The trial will allow you to install full programs for around 14 days, or you can purchase it for about $39 (a large cut from the price of an Adobe Suite). CrossOver uses Wine to emulate a Windows environment, just as it would in Linux.

My advice is to download each Windows CS2 program one by one, rather than the entire package. I tried to install the full package, and ran into an issue after CD 1 was completed. I had great success with the Photoshop installation with CrossOver, and it really couldn’t have been more simple than double clicking the exe to pull up Crossover, and following the installation process.

Anyone who needs a little more of a visual approach should check out this YouTube video narrated by Chuckie at Digital Goulash. He will take you through start to finish, from downloading CrossOver and CrossTie, to your last bit of the install. I hope you enjoy running this freebie on your Mac with little issues, and look forward to your comments below. Good luck!



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