Instagram for Videos: That’s Called YouTube


Sometimes I wonder if many tech articles I read online at Google News, Yahoo or Comcast’s news sections are just there as filler. Let’s face it, while there may be a new discovery on a daily basis, they may not always be news worthy unless you’re a nerd. But I feel like Facebook supposedly announcing an Instagram for videos is a little ridiculous.

Anything Zuckerberg is wrapped in gold and filled with chocolate, right? Whatever Facebook is planning to reveal may have little to no association with itself, however social oriented it might be. While this was dubbed a rumor a little while ago, it turns out the source itself was indeed legitimate – noting a special Instagram team has dedicated it’s time to the development of this new project.

We all know Facebook is not a stranger to competition; regularly diving into new sites in the line of direct fire. However, online video sharing is not a new idea… not by a long shot. There’s YouTube, Tout, Keek, MetaCafe and more (as well as video upload capabilities for your Facebook and MySpace (does anyone still have that?) profiles).

So how is Facebook so confident that something such as a video oriented Instagram could survive and thrive? Simple. Mark Zuckerberg is hot right now (no, not in a physical way), he is in the height of his career. Although it might last for the next ten years, or at least when they start having more family scandals (who am I kidding, that would make him more popular). Give him time, let him pop out a kid and he’ll be off the popular list like Hilary Duff and Luca.


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