Ouya’s Soul Fjord


When it comes to the Ouya, you’re either in or you’re out. While many consumers are turning their nose up at something new, and possibly “scary”, several die hard Microsoft fans are waiting with baited breath to receive their $99 Android based gaming console. So, which are you?

It would be hard to miss the gaming headliners as of late. Nintendo possibly discontinuing the Wii U Basic, Xbox One‘s questionable in-house monitoring and, well, PlayStation was kind of waiting for their moment. However, it seems as though PlayStation has blown away the competition, completely embarrassing One’s price and policies at E3 (especially with the announcement of how they love indie developers).

Why wouldn’t Ouya and PlayStation look great together under your television set? They would! And even though PlayStation is planning to charge for Plus ($50/yr), you could still enjoy playing used games. Ouya will offer a different set of games, Apps and “hack-ability” than any other console known to man (thus far), without voiding your warranty. But many individuals still hold fear of this new introduction.

Without an out-of-the-box idea such as Ouya, we wouldn’t have the capabilities offered by Linux, Mac, etc. that help us break free of Microsoft’s bonds. Sure, for those who don’t know their way around a computer, Windows offers tools to get you started. Once you realize the chains that bind you, and take a leap of faith with something revolutionary, you’ll feel a new sense of freedom. Ouya is something that allows little people, like you and me, to offer a big idea – and it’s going to be awesome. Just check out a game like Soul Fjord and you’ll see what I mean.


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