Amazon Opens Up to Indie Developers


The idea of a master company such as Amazon opening up to independent game developers isn’t just a dream, it’s not just in the works, it’s live – now! Developers can now explore another way to get their creations into the hands of indie game lovers, such as myself. Because creativity can’t be bottled up, it shouldn’t be always be confined to corporate rules… Take a moment to check out what Amazon is offering.

Submitting an idea or game for consideration is as simple as submitting an email, really. That’s a whole lot simpler than jumping through their Kindle self publishing hoops (which still isn’t too complicated). Just shoot an email to for a copy of their service agreement and you’ll be on your way to being featured in the Indie Spotlight smack dab on the front page.

In celebration of their new venture, Amazon is offering savings up to 75% off on over 200 titles (and growing) for PC and Mac. And, for the next few days, June 6-10, grab three free titles. Make another visit on the June 11 for a new game giveaway. Not only will you be able to experience a reins-free way of gaming, but purchasing a game bundle allows for 100% of the proceeds to be given directly to the developers.


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