Wii U Recall


Unless you live under a rock I would say you’ve heard the not-even-a-day-old news that Nintendo is recalling the basic 8GB Wii U console (you know, the white model). For all you cheapos this could mean some kind of replacement is coming to a coffee table near you.

Those who ran out to purchase the smaller 8GB model know that, not only are your storage capabilities lacking, but your wallet was a whole $50 heavier (seriously, why didn’t you spring for the bigger harddrive?). Regardless, I guess word got round to Nintendo when an entire game couldn’t be downloaded. Sales plummeted, rumors spread, Nintendo denied it, rumors swirled and EB Games confirmed after E3. Not satisfied? CNET is hosting an article to be updated with a Nintendo response once it’s been received.

While we wait with baited breath, take a moment to check out the Ouya!


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