Black Ops II Probation


This past weekend my husband and I came down with two separate illness, that kept us home from work Monday and Tuesday. By about 10AM we both felt well enough to drag our snotty selves out of the bed and into the living room for a little Live action.

Fortunately for us, playing Live on a weekday morning means a lot of the really good players or cheaters most likely won’t be on (especially since school is supposed to be in session). However, after a few hours of playing, and getting stuck in a bunch of matches where we were the only two left on our team, we opted out in-game with a few clans that we didn’t feel like playing with.

After a few times of getting kicked or disconnected, we were presented with a probation notice, warning us that we would be cut from Live matches if we did not complete the game. It was a very short message with little explanation as to what it meant… did we need to play through campaign mode? We hadn’t done that at all yet, and were very confused by the prompt.

Thankfully we didn’t receive any kind of probation, but I’ve figured out what they’re referring to. Every time a player quits a Live match they’re penalized. At first it’s just a warning, and then it seems to lock you out for a minute, and goes up from there. This is in place to prevent people from jumping out mid-match because of cheating, boosting or “taking their ball and going home”. Back in December though, Treyarch had to tweak it a bit, so that players weren’t penalized for being kicked or disconnected from the server.

Although this may not be the best path to take, at least this company is striving to make matches as fair as possible. I’m biased, I’ve mentioned before I love Treyarch, so let’s show them some love by following them on Twitter!


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