Disney Buys Lucasfilm for Billions


Hurricane Sandy has made a big impact on new stands lately. The 900 mile wide tropical storm ravaged through the eastern portion of the United States on its predicted path upwards, into Canada. However, other big stories are surfacing that, while they may not be as important as Sandy, will make a big impact on fans everywhere.

Disney reportedly purchased Lucasfilms (including rights to Star Wars and Indiana Jones) for four billion dollars. Yes, George Lucas sold the Star Wars legacy up the river to the creators of High School Musical, and Beauty and the Briefcase. Robert Iger has plans to restore the previous six movie set with an additional trilogy featuring Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia.

While Twitter was flooded with jokes of “proposed movie titles“, Darth Vader was quick to tweet that his daughter would finally get to be a Disney Princess, and that perhaps work can continue on another Death Star. But, we are talking about Disney here. While they have stated Star Wars will remain a live action film, Mr. Lucas will only give input geared towards characters… meaning he won’t actually get his hands dirty with production. Although the 68 year old brilliant movie maker is focusing on his upcoming retirement, I’m sure there are other Star Wars fanatics that would rather see it retire with Mr. Lucas than be dug up by the likes of Disney.


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