Skyrim Hearthfire DLC


Skyrim was originally released in November of 2011. Approaching it’s one year anniversary Skyrim’s hardcore fans have seen hundreds, if not thousands, of glitches, two DLCs and hours of adventure. And even though there were many trials involved with playing through to the end, many gamers saw through it all for the little engine that could.

Last week, on September 4, 2012, Bethesda released the newest DLC, Hearthfire. Within this expansion you can purchase a piece of property, plan and build a home, as well as adopt children and protect your kingdom. While there have been many games out there with the same kind of features, Skyrim has taken it beyond the norm with more intense capabilities and requirements.

If you wish you can bring your steward along with you, to tend after animals and purchase certain supplies. However, most plots of land feature a treasure box full of nearly everything you need to get started with a beginner home and add on the biggest wing of your home. But when you run out (and you most likely will), you can mine rock and clay from your property and purchase logs from a nearby saw mill.

Once you have finished your first addition you can add on six different additions, one to the east, west and south. Each side of your home offers three unique choices, so choose wisely! After you have decided your home is complete (whether you turn your beginning stead into an entrance or not) you can browse through help desks located at each area of your household.

These workbenches give you the option to build furniture to decorate your home with. Beware, though! Each bit of decor requires at least a stick of supplies to put it together. You can never have enough nails, and you may want to stock up on glass, because this is where it gets interesting. Choose to install every option available to fill each corner, or place a select few, it’s all up to the player.

I spent much of last Sunday building my first steading with lakefront property before moving onto a snowy location for my adopted child. Let me just note, you have to add the additional bedroom wing to your home before you can expect to adopt. Even though the second story of your main home features two twin sized beds and one king, the mean adoption overseer lady will not think it’s acceptable.

Overall Hearthfire was worth the $5 we spent on it… a much better deal than Dawnguard was. So, if you’re into Sim type games for the architectural side of things, you are going to love this expansion. There are a few glitches, to be expected, but not anything I found to be devestating.



One thought on “Skyrim Hearthfire DLC

  1. I played world of warcraft for about seven years, and by the end of my stint, I was SO burnt out on RPG games, that when I played Skyrim, I picked up a weapon, and found myself comparing stats, and looking at my character’s armor, that my stomach immediately began to churn… I sent it back to GameFly after about ten minutes…

    I’ll likely pick it up again at some point though, it did look pretty cool… Not sure what the recovery period will be after seven years of RPG, but… We shall see! 🙂

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