The Way You Play is About to Change


My personal xBox 360 is about 3 years old now… however, the system itself has been on the market for many more. And although the price of video games hasn’t gone down, somehow, the corporate big-wigs find it hard to believe that price point has anything to do with a drop in sales.

When Microsoft spoke with the owners of a large free online MMORPG, they asked how the company made so much money in a short amount of time. In all reality, Microsoft was unable to accept the fact that because playing the game was free, many gamers were confident in making small purchases along the way. See, instead of charging a billion dollars for a game, they gave it away for free, and only charged for a few special, limited edition items, and made money through advertising as well.

Nintendo executives had to take a loss after the release of  the 3DS, once sales hadn’t met expectations because of pricing. When the numbers decreased consumers were more comfortable purchasing the handheld, and Nintendo went on it’s way. Although game releases appear to be a little rocky for the child-oriented video game company, things may begin to pick up with their anticipated upcoming release of the Wii-U.

Even Sony is getting in on the new console buzz, planning to release the Playstation Vita in a short amount of time. Although details have remained hush, hush, many hard core gamers grow skeptical at the idea of reinvesting into a new system, as price point has been rumored close to ridiculous. In my own opinion, PlayStation has always been a little pricey, especially while they sit next to more affordable Nintendo consoles, and similar xBox numbers.

But everything is about to change, far beyond what these three competitors have brought to light. A few industry outcasts have put their noggins together to construct (possibly) the next best thing as far as consoles are concerned. The Ouya is an open-source video game console put together with standard screws, manufactured in a way where hackers are welcomed to make transformations. Their warranty will hold true. Want to add an external harddrive? Get to it! Make it work with a dvd drive, along with some programming, and hack it to run what you’d like!

Of course, I can sit here and go on and on about why I will be investing in the Ouya, but it may be better for you to read it yourself!

Ouya Open-Source Video Game Console



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