Summer Gadgets


I am so ready for the weekend, and I’m sure you join me in that excitement! Jimi Hendrix has been ushering in our two day break, and I can’t help but admit, I’ve been simply relaxing at work and finishing up last minute obligations. Wanted to leave you guys with a few neat gadgets I’ve come across this week, I hope to hear your input throughout comments. Enjoy!

chocolate flash drive

8GB Flash Drive $11

rock form iphone case

iPhone Case $29

orange subjekt ampd headphones

Subjekt Headphones $11

robo splitter iphone audio jack 3.5mm splitter

Robo Splitter $7

hidden flash drive

Flash Drive Spy Gear $14

Gameboy iPhone Cover Blue Rubber

iPhone Gameboy Case $6

Cassette Tape iPhone Cover Red Case

Cassette Tape iPhone Case $6

iPhone Turret

iPhone Turret

Save on fashion with rue la la

Rue La La Deals



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