From PC to Tablet


I recently acquired the Kindle Fire (I know, you are bored of hearing about it), but I just can’t help talking over the subject. Once you crack open that can of worms there are so many places the conversation can go… and this post is one of them. I’m going to discuss the transition from PC to Tablet, and how you can make it an easy one.

Many of you have most likely used a PC once in your life; heck, you’re reading this post right now. And, if you feel comfortable enough to search on the internet and find my blog, you are skilled enough to take on (and master) the Tablet PC.

Now, a Kindle Fire is not by any means a Tablet PC, just so we’re clear. A Fire is a Tablet eReader with multiple capabilities. A Tablet PC does everything your desktop computer, or laptop, should be able to do. It has a harddrive, memory, RAM, and all the components that make it a PC.

Once you make the decision to take your computer needs on the road is the time you should look into a Tablet. If you are just looking for something to keep up on documents, catch up on reading, take notes or to use as a night light, a Kindle Fire could be a great option. But the great folks over at Toshiba feature a product that provides everything and more, at a price.

Plan to chunk down a couple hundred bucks on a decent Tablet. While it seems a bit much, it’s still quite a bit less than your full fledged desktop, and needs less accessories. Imagine riding in the subway (you got a seat!), a computer tower down by your feet, massive, heavy monitor on your lap in front of a keyboard and mouse. If you didn’t bring speakers you won’t hear that presentation, and without a power source I doubt you’re doing much of anything on that ride.

Now, think of your cell phone, and how easy it is to whip it out and check up on your email. Pretty quick, right? Using a Tablet PC will give you the capabilities of your desktop computer, without the commitment of lugging all that equipment around.


One thought on “From PC to Tablet

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