Kindle Fire Review Intro


Ever since the first Barnes & Noble Nook eReader was released, I wanted to own one. The device just seemed ingenious with it’s black and white display, capable of holding over 1,000 books. And once Amazon introduced the Kindle all I saw when I looked it up online was glitter and sparkles. I was in love.

It took me a little while to warm my husband up to the idea. He could use it for textbooks and school, if he wanted. It featured free online access (unless you downloaded something), and could hold 1,500 books or games, music and notes. I am of course speaking of the Kindle 3G, with the amazing ink black and white display and full keyboard. So, after I placed the bug in his ear, my husband gave it to me for an “out of the blue” present.

About two years have passed since I first got my hands on that gray Kindle. And while it still holds a piece of my techie heart, I had been pining after the Kindle Fire since it’s first appearance. I have always had a thing for quality touch screens, and even owned a second generation iPhone for a little while. The Fire held all of the possibilities of the 3G Kindle plus more. It can play movies, allow you to read documents plus all the original features in full color.

My 22nd birthday was about two weeks ago, and we didn’t really hold any kind of a celebration. For some reason, all of my family and a couple friends wanted to make me cakes and have me over (give it to me straight doc, am I dying?). So I didn’t really think much of it when my husband didn’t give me a present… we’ve kind of been in a pinch lately. But come Monday (this week!), I greeted him after work to find he was trying desperately to set up my own Fire. Eeek 🙂

So, my “kit” is composed of a Kindle Fire, felt lined black pebbled leather Belkin case, and some kind of a Targus stylus that I have never seen before. The tip of it is pressure sensitive, and sort of reacts like a finger on the display. The rubber presses in against the screen and works better than bare handed. And, I’d just like to say, anyone who invests in one of the Belkin cases that props up, you are definitely getting your moneys worth if you combine it with the special stylus (I have it propped up at work right now!).

While this wasn’t really the review you might have been looking for, consider it an introduction to an upcoming post. I always feel like it’s necessary to provide the background story, so you know where I’m coming from in my reviews. Stay tuned, full review post is on the way!


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