Kindle Fire Review… I Promise!


Most likely, you have joined us over here from my Fire Review Intro post… I know, it left you hanging. But, because I’m such a stickler for article length, I decided it should be broken up into two separate pieces. So, without further ado, please enjoy reading my personal experience and review on the Kindle Fire.

The Kindle Fire is a touch screen based tablet eReader with a 7″ multi-touch color display. While it is small in size, I find the features make up for the petite device. And although it’s dimensions may throw you off, keep in mind ladies, it fits easily in your purse (mine is a daily companion).

Compared to it’s 3G Keyboard Amazon predecessor, the Fire packs a punch featuring movie capabilities, document integration and so much more; seriously, go browse through the App Store! Keep your social networking close by when a laptop or desktop wouldn’t necessarily be convenient. On a bus, in a plane, you won’t be disappointed!

As for sound, the Fire does have some decent speakers compared to the 3G or a cell phone. I would definitely recommend backing off the sound to preserve the functions of the device, and invest in some headphones or stand alone speakers.

While the screen seems like a rather durable piece of equipment, I would seriously consider investing in a good quality cover/stand. Belkin sells some moderately priced products made out of leather, lined with velvet, that will treat your Kindle with care as it travels around with you. And, when you need it to work on a surface, prop it up with the stand and go at it with your stylus.

All in all, the Fire is a great buy at $199. My husband had to go to two different stores to find me one, but it was worth the “trouble”. Do invest in a case/stand, and don’t forget your Targus Kindle specific pressure sensitive stylus. Both accessories are made out of good materials, and it will help your Fire last as long as possible.


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