As of Late…


It’s so funny how you can easily slip into the groove of griping over every little thing. Lately, my biggest frustration, has been the fact that freelance work has been so slow! I do hold a full time job as a web designer, creative director or whatever you want to call me, for a hardwood distributor. But my ultimate dream is to work completely for myself as a freelance designer. I’ve realized over the latest events that, perhaps, that dream isn’t too unrealistic.

My biggest client has been a good client for a couple of months. I design and distribute their email advertisements (newsletters), as well as manage their Facebook pages. Basically, whenever they need some kind of graphic or artwork made, they contact me. It’s a simple “keep track of hours” freelancing, but I really enjoy working with them.

Personal projects are always the worst, though. Lately I’ve been doing anything I can to drum up some busy work that I can add to an online portfolio. So, I’m toying around with the idea of Chickadee Decor. It’s an online home decor site where you can find unique items, resources on redecorating and a few other things.

However, there is one web site in particular that I am extremely excited about! My Aunt-In-Law (?) has specialized in breeding Hanoverian, Tarehken & Dutch Warmblood horses for over 26 years. Now, horses have always been a love of mine (just ask my husband!). I was originally approached regarding this project several months ago, but it never came into fruition. This time, I’ve got the credentials to get my hands dirty within the site. Yay!

Are you working on any projects? I would love to hear of what’s keeping you busy at the moment, and if any of your developments are coming into light!


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