Polyvore Fashion Madness!


Flipping through a fashion magazine you tend to notice the outfit collages feature outrageous prices, stores and random details. Once in a while they’ll print a collage with a look-alike ensemble put together according to some actress’ daily wardrobe. While we are all just at the door begging to know what Rhianna wore walking to her car last Wednesday, a recently discovered social network has put a new spin on any given singer’s threads.

Polyvore entered the scene a few years ago, and is recently surfacing as a do-it-yourself social site for the paper doll enthusiasts. Browse the web and clip images, products and articles to your personal bank, or browse through preloaded items to paste together. What you create is up to you, giving a new angle to the enjoyable design aspect of those magazine collages.

Now, my Pinterest account, it’s been getting a little dressy lately. Because Polyvore allows me to start my personal fashion trends, and distribute it wherever I please, a Pinterest integration makes it all the better. Not only can I pull awesome items from the web, clip them into an online portal, and create a single image with hover references to each item’s location, I can also save it and share it on my boards of interest.

I am not saying you will be hired as a fashion designer for Vogue magazine, or work the catwalk in a few days from online exposure… but it will expand your creative eye. Generally, it’s difficult for me to get sucked into the hype of any online trend… but Polyvore is draining all of my energy in a short matter of time. If you haven’t already, take a trip down textured fabric lane and join my sets on Polyvore!!!

louis vuiitton inspired outfit

Feminine Vuitton Inspiration!


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