My Curly Girl


I have lived a constant battle with my hair, it was frizzy, it was somewhere between curly and straight… it was embarrassing! But you always see those women who have managed to maintain long, gorgeous curly locks from birth. My original feelings with the Curly Girl method were negative, but I’m glad I decided to give it a try.

Now I should mention that this is being posted right after my first attempt… let me also mention most of my attempts at anything fail miserably, but anyway. There are so many good blog posts full of easy Curly Girl tutorials, as well as a new vocabulary to learn and understand. I think this really will be my first successful hair project!

The hardest thing I had to come to terms with was solely using conditioner in the shower. No, my hair isn’t unclean, it’s actually cleaner than it has been in years! I feel like I’m coming across as a hippie tree hugger, but the biggest part of cleaning your hair is massaging your scalp with shampoo or without. I loved the cold water rinse at the end, and although some people say it’s all psychological, I found it really refreshing.

But the whole point of this process is to keep away from the frizzies, and to make your hair shiny and natural. Drying with a towel is strictly forbidden, as the mainstream towels are to harsh and rough on hair, and so it employs the use of a t-shirt. Plopping is a method of wrapping your hair in a shirt that helps dry your hair while helping those curls. It’s extremely awkward at first, and you have to remember to push your head into the shirt when gathering and twisting the ends. Other than that, I found it easier to balance than a towel.

I had always heard as a kid, “Don’t sleep with your hair in a ponytail!”, “Take your braids out before bed.”, but you may as well ignore those now, because putting your hair up for bed aids in root lift. Luxurious locks tend to flatten when their being slept on and pressed down. So, here we get to Pineappling. Basically, you’re putting your dry hair into a fountain on the top of your head using a scrunchie (I used a rolled up sock from my curling days). End results were awesome, as I woke to lifted roots that gave my curls body!

To finish, my first go at the Curly Girl Method seems like a small success. I see before and after pictures of girls who have been at it for weeks, and I just hope I don’t break down before I see the real results. As of this morning I am happy with the hair I woke up to. Yes, it’s a little frizzy, but I blame that on my excessive need to touch and play with it during the day – bad habits are hard to break. Not brushing was strange, but I can see how my hair will benefit.

Stay tuned for my journey through Curly-hood!


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