Ode to the Loyalty of Gamers


We have all felt the quake of banning used games before, when EA decided it was time to take down GameStop and the like a few years ago. They were going to “ban piracy” and stop evil doers in their tracks… but they had forgotten one thing. And, perhaps Microsoft has forgotten their loyal following of gamers, but in reality game console owners and players outweighs game companies all together.

The same basic situation occurred just a few months ago with SOPA & PIPA. Those two were going to basically outlaw the internet… not to mention take away jobs and backup progress. We were fronted with an illegitimate opportunity to again, “ban piracy” in one foul swoop. But memory must’ve been lacking once again because, the amount of internet users outweighed those for the bills.

As gamers we are faced with situations to cheat the system, get ahold of free games and found the easiest route to victory. BUT, not every gamer owns modded controllers, goes out of their way to steal programs and discs, and frankly, most of us are smarter than the grunts who run around online. There are decent gamers still in existence, but maybe Microsoft needs a stern reminder of this large group.

While many of us fork out the cash to play on LIVE others plug in their system and jump online for free (courtesy of Playstation). While consoles are banned on a daily basis, others just want an honest game of MW3 with untapped systems and accessories with pure golden skill. P.S. Maybe some admins should do their jobs and monitor the impossible “capabilities” of the “best” shooters in the west…

It’s hard to notice the cost of games these days… many of us find it impossible to fork over $60-80 for a newly released game and have no other way of buying it other than getting it used. And when Walmart continues to stock the game for years without dropping the price it’s off to eBay we go. And now, well, now Microsoft thinks they will “stop piracy” by banning used games with their shiny new toy.

I don’t know about everyone else, but for me and my husband, we’re seriously considering drop kicking our system out the window. We will continue to monitor the progress and leaked information of upcoming Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo systems. Whichever console will hold the best overall value in price points, online capabilities and enjoyable adult games will most likely be brought home. May the best console win.


Farewell to Gamer Points



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