How to Survive: Catching the Breadcrumbs of your Superior


There are many stories of great triumph of the human spirit, through thick and thin they helped shape America into the place it is today. Mostly, it’s tales of how an individual climbed to the top of a mountaintop, or raced a bike in the Tour De France. What we don’t hear though, are the details of how the small Americans, who maybe make up a small portion of your day, help create that web site you browse or cup of coffee you downed.

Simply surviving the work place is a huge feat in it’s own right. It’s a monster out there, producing a spawn that’s ready to eat you alive as soon as you walk near. Paying less attention will get you lost among the crowd and you’ll soon blend into a forgotten background of labor.

If your career is a labor of love it’s a little easier to get by everyday, even when the pay is low, you’re unappreciated and no one really knows what you do around the office. The good news is, for most of us, we’ve become keen enough to know how to survive on the breadcrumbs of our superiors.

My husband and I have lived the part for the past two and a half years. Making just enough to pay rent, credit cards and insurance. Spreading yourself so thin over several jobs that you might be able to purchase a new pair of shoes when your current ones wear out. But we aren’t alone, even the lowliest burger flipper at McDonald’s has a dream to make something of themselves in a world of vastly overpaid coworkers and underpaid newbies.

There are ways you can learn to survive off of your superior’s ignorance, and while they may seem drastic, they may become crucial in your journey to the top of the ant hill.

1. Take that better job offer as a ‘promotion’. You think your manager wouldn’t jump at the chance of a higher paid, less stressful position, even at a different company? Fat chance, he is a manager because he’s already been there.

2. Don’t leave hard feelings, they’ve brought you into this game. We can all be civil in the unfriendliest of situations, even if it’s a one way attempt. They may be angry at you, but if it will better your life it is for the best – they will move on.

3. In most cases those stressful mistakes aren’t life threatening. It all depends on who you ask, to your boss, everything involving the loss of money is life threatening even in the smallest increment. If you don’t work in the health care field let it brush right off your shoulder.

4. Women in the workplace, those who’ve gone before. Sometimes going into an environment run by the same women for ten years is a tough bird to chew. Women can be brutal, and angry at newer, younger ladies entering their ‘territory’. Best advice? Don’t let them run you, if they aren’t a superior they are equals.

5. In a world full of empty promises, make sure to keep your word. You can’t say someone is dishonest if you don’t know them, and really all you can do is trust a new boss. Believe what he tells you if it seems legit, and once he fails you can feel guilt free about finding greener pastures.

Every path you take in life is a meaningful walk towards your bright future.


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