Reaching the Top


Some of you who are about to read this post will probably make a double take. In a world of difficult to get jobs and positions, a new graduate can easily get discouraged in a rough and tumble professional world.

My college career ended 2 years ago, wow that makes me feel old… anywho, currently in college I was working as a web designer for a small carpet company. I had been turned into a photographer, graphic designer and inevitably a secretary in a one employee company. After graduating and enduring five more months I left and haven’t looked back.

I had just married my husband a year before, and while he was still working part time and attempting to get into a college program, I paid the bills. Between “dream jobs” I worked part time as a cashier at Food Lion while a lot of behind the scenes work was going on.

A friend I had networked with at my previous job knew what that boss had been like. And while I won’t go into details, this friend had been a dear to me, and nailed down my next position in my name. While he may not know it, I’ll be eternally grateful for sticking his neck out there for me.

Those of you who are in the technology field, especially centered in design, you will understand. It’s a difficult world with tons of younger, cheaper and less intelligent individuals who will slit your throat to get ahead. But I have come to learn this, keep driving ahead, be honest, work hard and take extra duties dealt to you and it won’t go unnoticed.

Although it may feel like you are doing them a disservice by quitting without a two week notice, it’s all in assessing your previous situation. If they were simply using you as a cheap employee, they don’t deserve extra services. But if it is an impossible situation for your employer to avoid you should do them the courtesy.

Most Web Designers job hop, unless you’re extremely lucky. You should never quit a job without another one lined up. If you’ve been offered a better position with more pay, take it. We aren’t here to simply serve employers so we can live off of Food Stamps; we are here to make something of ourselves.


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