It’s Cloudy


One of the latest, and most over advertised, fads as far as technical advancements go has to be Cloud storage. For the most part it’s free, easy to use and easily accessed from virtually anywhere. But let’s think about it for a moment; no such thing as a free meal, right?

There are pros and cons for anything and, most likely, everything. As far as Cloud storage goes, the forecast is extremely low humidity with a high chance of forest fires. Why don’t we quickly delve into why this shouldn’t be relied upon completely, shall we?

1. Online Storage
Sounds like a pro, doesn’t it? While the world turns we are constantly getting faster, shinier and smarter. But what about when the DFRAM freaks out, and the internet goes down? No xBox storage for you!

2. Share Your Contents
Security probably isn’t the first thing on your mind, but didn’t we blindly follow Mark Zuckerberg into the Facebook abyss? Guess we really aren’t that secure online, eh?

3. Weren’t those Enough?
Maximum storage generally caps out at 5gb with Amazon, and that’s the largest freebie I’ve come by thus far. But what can you store under 5gees that isn’t illegal, private or unnecessary?

4. It’s not really that new…
Photobucket has been used as image storage for a while, as well as Myspace and Facebook. Didn’t you realize those files were saved there to be viewed later. Need a little privacy? Reformat your harddrive 7+ times.

5. Take Responsibility – Save Hard Copies!
It has never, ever, EVER been a secret to regularly back up your information onto a server, or better yet, cds/dvds. Big business can purchase a safe to store cds and keep them from being destroyed in, say, a fire.

6. Newer Isn’t Always Better
Most geeks and gamers understand that you don’t go out and buy the newly released game console. Stands the same with new car models, iPhones and 3d televisions.


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