Since You’re in Computers… Pt 2


An Interior Designer creates the look and mood of a room, on paper. They also pay their employees to put it together physically – kind of like an electrical engineer.

Although the term Web Designer simply means they will design the layout, feel and user experience, they just might code it for you too if you’re lucky. However, that doesn’t mean they know all about your server.

1. Our last IT guy set up our server. Just because someone came before doesn’t mean we know exactly what they’ve done. We don’t possess some subconscious connection with them where we read minds.

2. How are sales on the site? SEO, eBay, and shopping carts cannot sell your product for nothing. We cannot simply reach through the computer and force people to key in their payment information, either.

3. There is free advertising, right? NO. Forever, NO! Why do other companies beat you out? Your competitors pay for quality advertising.

4. They are first in Google constantly! Yeah, that little yellow box of three links appearing at the top of a search, those are paid for. You want up there? Dig deep.

5. No one really needs a Web Designer. Fine, that doesn’t bother me. If you really do not need one, don’t try and find one, and then offend us with your cheap rate of pay.

6. Just finish that at home. Um, we don’t work for free! In the beginning there may be a few web sites we do for nothing. Heck, I did one for a dentist to get the Adobe CS4 Creative Suite in a trade. But that time does comes to an end.

7. Just program my computer to do it. Wow, I have heard this more than once. First of all there are many, many free programs (mostly open source) already created to do a vast array of things. I don’t need to make it for you.

8. Just switch shopping cart systems, today. Let me just say this, not all systems were created equal.

9. My start menu keeps disappearing! Have you never heard of Google? There isn’t some special membership, it’s free for everyone, I promise.

10. But I need that other Google toolbar. NO!!! You really don’t, because you already have one to the left of your address bar. How do I get these dumb questions?


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