Decorating on a Thrift Store Budget


Decorating and fashion run through my veins… it is something I have always loved and been inspired to do. Designing things has always been a passion of mine, and finally owning my own home is opening all sorts of doors for us creativity wise. While I am all ideas my budget sets restrictions and boundaries I cannot cross.

My Pinterest account is full of DIY projects, home decor and fashionable items. Even my Home Meets Fashion board is completely dedicated to stylish bits for the household.

Because my monies are so tight I have to resort to being very creative in the way I make my house a home. My husband and I have been married for a year and a half now. Until three months ago we were living in an apartment with concrete floors and brick walls – what do you expect for $350/mo? Having our house at such a young age is such a blessing and a privilege! Now I just have to decorate it.

Most of my finds have been thrift store finds, alongside TJMAXX. I’m not ashamed to say that my amazing little treasure were most likely someones trash. Today was a particularly good day too; a worthy run to Goodwill was made just off the LaFayette square during lunch this afternoon. I found a matching set of brand new Lantern Tea Light Holders for just $0.69/ea! What a cute find for our bathroom.

I also found a Civil War styled painting of a ballroom dance; ladies wearing hoop skirt dresses dancing with men dressed to the nines. This amazing, however frame-less, piece of art will be hung in my living room as an awesome $1.99 piece.

My point isn’t that “Haha I found cool things you didn’t“… but that you don’t have to break the bank to find what you want. Although it has taken a while to find the things we now own, I have found all I need a piece at a time. All of my clocks came from the TJMAXX ultra clearance rack, less than $3.00/ea; most of my fancy picture frames as well.

When all else fails, pertaining to picture frames, you can always pretty up the plain and ugly. I have found many a plain undecorated black frame that I bought up just for future projects. After our wedding we were given a gift in the cutest “MR AND MRS” gift wrap that I decoupaged onto that frame; I even had enough wrapping to make one for my parents and in-laws.

So, to end my long rambling… keep your eyes open for steals at yard sales, thrift stores and auctions. TJMAXX, Marshall’s and Ross’s also hold the possibility of a little magic for your shopping trips. Keep in mind that seasonal items will be harder to obtain while most sale and clearance pieces do not include current trends and decor.


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